What's your Autumn ick?

What's your Autumn ick?

As much as autumn can be a time of cozy sweaters & oodies, there are still some things we don’t look forward to when the seasons start to change. From pesky allergies to wet leaves on the ground, here are some of the things that give us the ick about autumn (but still love it anyway).

  1. Allergies: When temperatures drop, allergens like mold, pollen and ragweed become super active—making it difficult for allergy sufferers to go outside without sneezing or having watery eyes.

  2. Wet Leaves on the Ground: Sure, you can jump in them for fun but when those leaves start sticking to your shoes after a brief rain shower—it’s definitely not enjoyable!

  3. Cold Mornings: After summer days filled with sunshine and warmth, waking up to chilly mornings is a tough transition to make.

  4. Short Days: As soon as autumn rolls around, the days seem shorter than ever before! With winter just around the corner, daylight will soon become even more scarce.

  5. Early Sunset: With short days come early sunsets and that means less time outside enjoying outdoor activities under beautiful skies.

Despite all these issues that come with the autumn weather, we wouldn’t trade this season for anything else! Spending time outdoors surrounded by orange and yellow foliage or creating warm and comforting meals inside are just some of the great things that make autumn special every year.