Propolis: The scientifically researched powerhouse

Propolis: The scientifically researched powerhouse

Behind BeeGlue sits one very talented product research and development team. Known as Apiter, they are based in Uruguay - the land of Propolis gold.  


Since 1978 Apiter have developed multiple PropÒleo Propolis formulations for the improvement of human and animal health. All while continuously setting new challenges to innovate and advance to contribute to society’s health and wellness. 


But despite the many talents of this wonder team our products would not be what they are without their hero – scientifically backed propolis made by the honeybee. 


The clinicals and scientific evidence behind propolis is vast. A google search will serve the hundreds of articles that have been published regarding benefits in supporting a broad range of ailments from wound healing to helping to oral health support! 


And why? 


Because propolis is scientifically researched to have a huge range of benefits and properties included but not limited to 

🐝 A natural antiseptic,  
🐝 A natural antioxidant, 
🐝 Naturally antibacterial,  
🐝 Naturally supports would healing and skin health,
🐝 Provides natural protection and defence. 


    At BeeGlue, we continue to be completely humbled by the power of propolis. When good science and natural innovation collide, you can only get greatness! 


    Go Bee You! 🧡