Hi, We're new here :)

Hi, We're new here :)

We're new here. A typical bunch of Kiwis that have always looked to the healing forces of natural ingredients, especially those steeped in science. We don't believe anyone should need to compromise their values in their search for products that actually work so with that in mind, in early 2021, the BeeGlue idea was born.

We know stubborn problems can be challenging to treat and can take away parts of our identity affecting how we feel about ourselves so when searching for the best natural solution to overcome life's awkward problems we looked to bees.
In the spirit of complete transparency, we are proud that we found our golden ingredient in Uruguay. BeeGlue's active ingredient is PropÒleo Propolis, our finished products are 100% crafted with care in Uruguay. We ship BeeGlue locally within NZ, from our Hawke's Bay fulfilment centre.

What! Why, Uruguay you may ask?
Well, we found 5 buzzing good reasons.

  • Its unique lush geographical region, Uruguay is a natural origin with optimum propolis growing conditions.
  • Take polyphenols and flavonoids in a balanced formulation and there you have it, PropÓleo Propolis. With 14% its sure to pack a powerful, but gentle, punch.
  • Our Uruguayan partners, Apiter Labs have a complete supply chain that's crystal clear, no nasty processing here! Each batch can be tracked right down to its beekeeper.
  • PropÓleo Propolis is a sustainable superstar. Way back before humans understood how amazing it was, it was discarded. Apiter innovated APIMESH®, a gentle harvesting method that works hard to eliminate every waste while locking in freshness – genius!
  • It's stable! Not only do we have a continuous supply so BeeGlue will never run dry, but every batch is as stable and standardised as the next.

Our job is to take the natural superpower of propolis and use it to efficaciously fight tricky problems so you can feel naturally good again.

With lots of ideas and products in our pipeline BeeGlue looks forward to always having your back. Go bee you.